Spring falling.


Spring falling.

There are few dates left for the official arrival of spring, which will be this month on the 21st, and this leaves us with a series of thoughts about the succession of the seasons that should be highlighted.

The first is not pleasant; the lack of rains in the last hydrological course leaves us with supplies on the verge of restrictions if in 5 weeks it does not rain insistently and regularly.

Once the mayors of Campo de Gibraltar met, with the Commonwealth Company that manages the water supply, ARGISA, the conclusion has been reached, which has been made public, that if by April 18, we continue as we are, the restrictions will come, both for human consumption and for industrial and agricultural use.

This makes us think about something that has always been essential and absolutely necessary for life, but to which we do not pay much attention, except in times of drought and restrictions such as the one that is coming, if the expected rains between March and April did not fix this problem.

The case is in itself very serious, because beyond April, there are usually no large rainfalls, which would put us in a more serious situation due to the lack of supply.

Issues such as climate change come to mind, the little respect we have for our own planet, the waste of this scarce resource now,
with pipes and canals full of leaks, which even today and at this point in the alert, continue to lose thousands of liters without anyone doing anything to avoid it,
nor urgent works being undertaken to modernize the pipes, now old and obsolete, and we repeat, with numerous useless losses of the precious liquid element.
The West has turned to the Kyoto strategy, and the Davos Plan, on the emission of greenhouse gases, a possible cause of this threatening climate change,
with limitations, rates and taxes, medium and long-term plans and a goal of zero emissions in the 2030 and 2050 agendas, promoted by the UN and the European Union.
But some powers such as China, India or Russia, and many developing countries in the Far East, and India, have been left out of this plan, 
which means that the effort and high cost of European energy policies, which result in the citizen, better said, in the pocket of the citizens, aware of this problem, is very high.
By force of useless, because whoever pollutes the most and emits the most gases,
is the one who does not contemplate restricting these emissions, effectively rendering useless that very expensive expense and that well-intentioned policy.
Despite everything, let us be optimistic and hope that the maxim of our Spanish proverb is fulfilled, a whole treatise on philosophy.
Windy March and rainy April make May flowery and beautiful.
So be it.
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