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Ayling International Property Services S.L. deals with all aspects of Estate Agency work both in Southern Spain and Gibraltar. Founded by the late Lieutenant Commander Leslie Edward Ayling Royal Navy, in 1977, the company is run by his widow, Margaret, who was instrumental in the setting up and running the company jointly with her husband. The Project Management department is managed by Stephen George Forde in coordination with local architects of the Spanish office.

Ayling International Property Services have built numerous luxury villas in Sotogrande and the surrounding areas and are the ideal choices for Building, Refurbishments and infrastructure needs, including Plumbing, Electrical and Air Conditioning with an extensive range of undertakings in all forms of environmental factors, including Facilities Management.

Ayling International Property Services S.L.

The company is a committed professional organisation, equipped with all the necessary management, technical services appropriate in the field of Construction and Project Management Services.

We pride ourselves in design and construction excellence together with high standards of quality control. As part of the procedures for maintaining high standards a quality plan is prepared at the commencement of each project, setting out the working basis for all members within the team including the client and other consultants.

Our philosophy is that Good Architecture and Construction Should not be measured by its Art Value but also on itsFunctional Values and within the clien's financial budget.

Health & Safety Policy

Policy statement

All employees have a duty to take reasonable care of themselves and others and co-operate in the operation of this policy.

Method statement

The Project Manager shall submit a Method Statement to the Project Supervising Officer for approval.
The Project Manager shall co-ordinate the various proposals to produce a fully co-ordinated Method Statement.
All parties involved in the Project shall receive the final Method Statement and conform their agreement with it.

Progress control

This Procedure covers monitoring and controlling project progress relative to the Programme, and defines the related responsibilities of the Project Manager and Project staff.


The Project Manager is responsible for maintaining progress relative to the Programme and shall take appropriate action to ensure work is completed within programme.

Cost control

This procedure covers monitoring and controlling project costs relative to the Budget and defines the related responsibilities of the Project Quantity Surveyor.
Cost Control arrangements will depend on the type of Contract and Client requirements and procedures will be produced for each specific contract by the Project Manager.

Control of contractors

The Contractor will carry out their duties in accordance with the Scope of Works and Specifications as defined in the Sub-Contract Agreement.
The monitoring, controlling and checking of the Sub-Contractor is the responsibility of the Project Manager.

Site quality records

Quality Records are the objective evidence to demonstrate that the services and goods offered meet the client's requirements.
The Project Manager shall be responsible for ensuring that the Contractors provide Quality Records for all aspects of their site activities in an agreed format.
Where a process control procedure is employed e.g. concrete production, welding, painting etc., the analysis of the control shall form part of the Quality Records contents.
The records of the calibration of tests and measuring equipment shall provide a traceable history of calibration, use, maintenance and regular recalibration of the equipment

Health and safety

This procedure shall be complementary to any approved Health and Safety Manual which contains specific procedures for carrying out operations in a safe and workmanlike manner.
The Project Manager is responsible to the Director for all aspects of Health and Safety associated with the Project.
On large sites the Project Manager may appoint a Site Safety Advisor
The Project Manager is responsible for the monitoring and liaison on all Safety measures. He shall also ensure the safe implementation of agreed Method Statements, other site safety practices and carry out all Statutory Safety Inspections and tests and maintain Statutory records.
Where a clients Policy differs from the company's the more stringent Policy will normally be applicable.
Contractors Policies shall be vetted to ensure that these comply with the adopted Project Policy.

Accident / Incident / Disease reporting

There are clearly laid down statutory requirements for reporting accidents etc. It is the responsibility of the Project Manager to ensure that the requirements are complied with.

First Aiders shall be identified and appointed on all sites.
First Aiders may be company employees or Main Contractors personnel.
The Project Manager shall ensure that First Aid Facilities are adequate for the nature, size and location of the project.

Permits to work

A permit to work shall be established for all activities associated with Mechanical and Electrical Systems (temporary and permanent) any form of confined space, or work associated with steam or process lines.


The Project manager shall report to the Director on the status of the Project by means of periodic reports and special reports when necessary.
Specific arrangements shall be made by the Project Manager with other external to the company including Contractors etc., for the reporting of this procedure.

Client reports

The Project Manager will agree with the client the format for monthly reports

Quality reports

The Project Manager will issue a quality report to the Director on Quality related issues on his site/s. The following items will be included:

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