Setting the beach for summer.


Setting the beach for summer.

Last winter,  left us devastating images of the consequences of the storm on our coasts, that is why now and with good judgment, the Demarcation of Coasts of Andalusia Atlantic, (Cádiz), of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic challenge, has undertaken work to remove sand from the mouth of the Guadiaro river, and is spreading it on the beaches of Sotogrande, whose sand was lost in these storms this winter.

They tell us that the works will last until the end of next week, and that this sand will extend to the beaches of Guadalquiton.

The truth is that this action was more than necessary, because the removal of the sand from the mouth of the river prevents, on the one hand, its clogging, and by spreading that sand along the beaches, it partly corrects the gradual loss of sand. of those same beaches, since the dynamics of the tides was altered at the time by the construction of the Marina.

Although it is still a provisional solution, as will be seen in the next storm that hits us, the permanent solution is more expensive and needs more consensus, from here, we dare to suggest the construction of a breakwater at a certain distance from the beach, that prevents it from being beaten directly by the waves, possibly the coastal dynamics would change again and the beaches would be recovered in their original extension, but that will require a long-term vision, and a large investment in the short term, which not many politicians are willing to do, since it does not result in electoral benefits in the short term.

Hopefully someone one day, prefer the common good to the short term.


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