The good health of the real estate market

The good health of the real estate market

For some time now, and after the episodes of confinement and restrictions as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, people have understood that having a second residence, an individual house, an apartment in an area far from the saturated cities, It was a good option, to preserve the health of the family and as an escape route from the hive city that has been so in vogue in recent years.

As a consequence, the demand for individual villas and apartments in gated and non-crowded developments has increased exponentially, both in terms of purchases and in the rental market.

Given the case that it is quite difficult to find something available at whatever price in the latter, and that in the former, it also threatens to exhaust the offer.

At this point, from Ayling Property Services, our Real Estate Agency, established in Sotogrande since 1977, and with more than forty years of service to our clients, we have noticed this reduction in the supply of properties available both for rent and for sale, and we inform the owners who have an extensive portfolio of clients looking for properties in both modalities.

If you want to carry out a fast, clean and beneficial operation, you can contact us at your convenience, so that we can offer you our extensive experience and the quality of our service.


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