In Memoriam, Alex Salmun Brunet


In Memoriam, Alex Salmun Brunet 

Dear Alex,

I just found out about your passage to a better life, I'm still in shock, I can't help but write you these humble farewell letters, with the pain I feel from your departure.

You arrived in Spain, and we welcomed you very well, you started working in my same company and I had to be your mentor and teacher, you were diligent, intelligent, neat, proud of your origins and you had Spanish roots, like almost all Argentines.

You performed well, but this wasn't your thing, this business is more about sharks than little fish, and you didn't have that instinct.

You left us to start something new, something that was more than your training as a manager of large investment accounts, but not before applying for Spanish nationality, which you agreed to after presenting your Spanish grandparent certificates.

You needed a sponsor, who would certify and sign that your performance as a Spaniard would be correct, and that your sponsor would take care that it was so.

You asked me to be your godfather, and I accepted without hesitation, I went with you to the court of San Roque, and there I swore and certified not only your disposition, but also your bonhomie and your purity of heart, now that you are not here, I can also tell you that your Exquisite education and your immense heart convinced me to take that step, which I have never taken before, and that I believe... I will never take again.

From you, I liked your humor, your willingness to learn, your wisdom in life, your dog, that labrador you named Tango, and who was your first furry friend on your way to us…our land.

Then you left, I suppose to pursue the American dream in reverse, you spoke to me about your mother, your sister, your land, our lady of Los Buenos Aires, with such passion, with such nostalgia, that I knew from the first moment that You would never stop being Argentine, despite your new passport and condition, and I don't worry either, Spain, the Motherland welcomes its children beyond the seas, always with love and dedication.
Life did not treat you well, we became friends on Facebook, how could it be otherwise, and... in this way, I followed your development, although I never had the chance to see you again, beyond a few messages exchanged on that network social.
I know that you became a guru of Hindu thought, that you practiced and taught yoga, and your messages, the ones that reached me almost daily, always ending in a Namaste, were of deep spiritual significance, I was never surprised, your education and your feelings , they were clear to me, and... the loneliness to which you saw yourself doomed didn't help much either.
Today, the news of your death, caught me offside, I asked and then I found out, that you were very bad, that your mother died, that your sister too, that a flood took your caravan, that life in general, I never treated you like you deserved.
I shudder with horror when I hear this news, and I still wonder why you didn't look for me? short, you were always very much yours.
Today, the news was given to me between sighs and tears by our Chief, Margaret, you already knew of her immense heart and her infinite capacity for empathy.
She has asked me to write this blog as a eulogy on our page, of which you were once a participant and flag.
I only have to say goodbye to you with the final verses of Miguel Hernández's elegy, which you knew and appreciated so well.
To the winged souls of the roses
of the almond tree of cream I require you,
that we have to talk about many things,
soul mate, partner
Let the earth be mild with you. Our friend.
PS... We will say goodbye to him on March 27th  at 5:00 p.m., in the Manilva cemetery.




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