The war that does not stop.


The war that does not stop. 

It will soon be a year, without a declaration of war, the Russian troops began the invasion of neighboring Ukraine, which without expecting it, found itself fighting to save its capital from the siege of the invaders, and to defend itself against an infiltrated commando that was looking for neither more nor less than to assassinate their president and their government, to put in their place a puppet dependent on Moscow. 

The president of the Russian federation, Vladimir Putin, titled this invasion, as a special military operation, with the aim of denazifying the state and the Ukrainian army. That, at least publicly, was the confessed objective, the reality is crueler and it was seen from the first moments of the invasion, it was about the forcible annexation of the entire country, or at least most of it. 

But... what the Kremlin did not count on was the tenacious and heroic Ukrainian defense, and the Western bloc's opposition to these events, manifesting itself in economic sanctions both on Russia and its most prominent citizens, and military aid and Ukraine, which have turned the situation around, and what was initially projected as a military parade, has resulted in a large-scale failure, a loss of international prestige and airing the weakness of the supra-valued Russian army. 

Moscow is isolated from the West at this point, its army after major military disasters, has revolted and mercilessly attacks civilian positions, hospitals, train stations, nurseries and schools, urban areas, some of the cities have been destroyed to their foundations , and more and more voices are calling for them to be judged, led by Putin, as war criminals. 
Three large Ukrainian offensives, aided by deliveries of modern Western material, have been carried out successfully, and the Russians have retreated to positions, in Lugansk and Dombas, where they had already been fighting since 2014, with that annexation of the Crimean peninsula, annexed also illegally by force of arms. 
The Ukrainians, with their president, Valodimir Zelenski, at the fore, have been the world heroes of this year that has just ended, sadly for being heroes in a war that they have not sought, but in which they are displaying gallantry, typical of a people who defend their land against the foreign invader, that is something that should not be forgotten when starting a conflict of this type, their troops are with high morale, and the Russians, given the incredible number of casualties, have morale for the ground, and a bigger every day internal opposition to the conflict in Russia itself, silenced as always by the cruelest of repressions.

Let's hope that someone puts sanity in this confrontation, and the negotiations do not involve ceding territories to the invader, which in that case, after a few years, will consider repeating the operation in other neighboring countries, Poland, the Baltic, Finland, Sweden , all of them really committed to Ukraine, as they have seen their neighbor's beards peel.
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