A history of Sotogrande, the first Polo field.


A history of Sotogrande, the first Polo field. 

Many years ago now, as many as almost 60, at the dawn of Sotogrande, when even before finishing the works on the first beach club, the long-awaited Cucurucho, today Trocadero, the first Polo field already existed.

 The polo, which Enrique Zóbel brought from the Philippines, creating the legendary field on the beach that gave so many good memories to the first residents of Sotogrande. In it, every afternoon, they all met to watch the games and have a fun time with friends. This was the seed of what Sotogrande polo means today throughout the world, being one of the few places where, internationally speaking, it is possible to play polo all year round. Today Sotogrande has great trophies, among which the "Sotogrande Gold Cup" stands out, which has been played since 1971 and has made the resort the world capital of this sport for weeks. In addition to the first field, it was the first one by the sea, what is now Sotogrande Beach, which everyone knows by its nickname of Los Lacasitos, right there, the first Polo field was located.

At that time, Polo was not as popular as it has become today, it was more of a family thing, the spectators were the relatives of those pioneers who brought this hobby to this corner, a hobby that had already gone deep in some places like Jerez, the closest to our environment. And that from here it has been given a huge push over the years, both from the Santa María Polo Club and from Ayala Polo.

At that time, the Rio apartments were being finished, and the ones on the beach were already available, the bridge over the river was newly opened and Sotogrande was beginning to take the course to become what it is today.

There was only the part of the Coast, the Kings and Queens area, with some large chalets already built, and only one entrance had the urbanization.

Great memories of an urbanization that we love and know, and of which we can say that Ayling Property Services, the real estate agency established in 1977 and with enough experience and track record, to be able to find you the property of your dreams without great difficulty in this paradise that continues to maintain its main characteristics: family, private, and dedicated to sports and tranquility.

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