Finally the autumn rain in Sotogrande

Finally the autumn rain in Sotogrande It was necessary for it to rain, it was very necessary, the countryside needed water as a blessing, to give us back the autumn greens and the reds of the leaves of the trees, and the smell of wet earth, and the smile of the green grass when it is full . The heavens have not cried, they have made the earth laugh that they have left ready for sowing and to make spring happy, which will take as long to arrive as winter takes to leave.  And with it the explosion of flowers and smells that last forever in those who are fortunate enough to live in Sotogrande.  In Sotogrande, and thanks to the foresight of its creator sixty years ago, our avenues and streets are full of large trees brought from the five continents so that while some do not lose their leaves in Autumn, but they turn their color from bright green to dull green, others give us bright reds, and others fill us with browns, until making the walk through their streets a delicious palette of colors to walk and enjoy.  

Although nature slows down its activity, and it is time to collect crops and fruits from the trees, while the fauna prepares by collecting fruits and fats to get through the winter.  The activity in Sotogrande does not stop, there are many things to do to have an extremely fun autumn. This is a good time to buy the villas for sale in the urbanization.  Among the activities that are gaining more followers every day and whose offer is almost a religion in Sotogrande,  we find the boat excursions to spot dolphins, which include drinks on board and provide a wonderful memory for those who do them.  Private sailing excursions for groups, to enjoy our privileged location between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.  

Romantic trips for couples to see the full moon from a sailboat, or the spectacular sunsets that the long autumn evenings give us, also on a sailboat.  Horseback riding routes, to enjoy our wonderful surroundings, with the last Mediterranean cork oak forest that reaches to the sea. Investing in properties in Sotogrande is always a good option.  Our ever-present golf courses, where we can play these days, when it seems that the air is suspended, and the landscapes are paintings in which we are portrayed while we play, is an experience that does not leave anyone insensitive.  For the more adventurous, the Tennis, Paddle and sailing games are still available.

This coming weekend, the interclub regattas in the area begin again, with the participation of up to 10 yacht clubs.  Polo always has its place, free schools for kids remain open, and the occasional championship is also held.  For all this, Sotogrande maintains a wide range of ways to enjoy it in its different developments, from the independence of a villa on the Coast, with its privacy, to the spectacularity of one in La Reserva, with amazing views.  The properties for sale in Sotogrande offer you the opportunity to integrate into this unique environment  From the fantastic apartments of Village Verde, to the townhouses of Senda Chica or La Finca.  


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