Real estate and the digital age.

Real estate and the digital age. 

We live in a time of constant change and technological advances one day in and one day too, and these changes bring us important advances every day in the form of tools that make the work of real estate agencies easier, as long as we are aware of them and know how to recycle ourselves. , adapt and learn to use them correctly and efficiently. 

Among these innumerable advances is AI (Artificial Intelligence), which causes so much fear in today's society, given the presumption that it ends up replacing humans, with governments focused on regulating it if not stopping it, so that it can be controlled somehow. 

Specifically, this tool, Chatgpt, for real estate use is a help, because just by using a few simple parameters, it provides us with delicious texts where we can advertise, both descriptions and infinite marketing possibilities. Of course, learning to use them correctly takes time. and study, and know how to apply them correctly, more of the same. 

Other possibilities to make your properties visible, apart from having a good website, is to use the services of an SEO, who helps you position our page in privileged sites in internet search engines, although there are search engines that, in exchange for remuneration, (Quotas) push us to those places of privilege. 

At Ayling Property Sotogrande, we are generally using all these tools to ensure that both your properties for rent and for sale, whether villas, apartments, plots, townhouses or commercial premises, have a privileged position and have the better advice, with the constant learning and recycling of our salespeople, and our unwavering will to offer, as always, the best real estate service in Sotogrande.


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